They say go green and help the environment, some people are taking that motto to the bathroom. Using towels in the kitchen rather the paper towels is an easy switch to use less paper. If you really want to be good to the environment you can replace your regular paper toilet paper with reusable cloth toilet paper. Sounds sanitary right?

Now this reusable toilet paper comes with its very own, catchy, name. They call this toilet paper, family cloth. Get it? Family, like communal? No, you won't be using the same sheet as everyone in your house.

lepapierlavable via Etsy

After you do your business you can wipe off the evidence with a square of the family cloth, toss it in the hamper, wash it, and then it is ready for reuse.

I would probably do the laundry as soon as possible.

RosyPads via Etsy

Obviously, social media has a lot to say about these family cloths.

There are just some things that do not have to be reusable and I think it is safe to say, toilet paper is one of them...

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