Everybody loves where they live, right? Even if that statement isn't true for all people, you chose to live where you do for a reason.

There are good and bad aspects to every town. Very few places exist that don't have people talking about at least one negative aspect of the community. A lot of the time, the negatives are out of most people's control. Still, you'd like to think that where you live has more positive qualities than negative ones.

When it comes to Egg Harbor Township, a town that likes to be considered the heart of Atlantic County, residents have both good and bad things to say about living there.

After scanning the comments of a Facebook post that asked residents to list their favorite and least favorite aspects of living in EHT, it's great to be able to say that most people LOVE living there.

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With that being said, we'll first review a few of everybody's favorite aspects of living in Egg Harbor Township.

The restaurants

Whether you love the bar food offered at Juliano's, the burgers at Vagabond, or the breakfast dishes at Town and Country Cafe, there are plenty of great restaurant options within the parameters of Egg Harbor Township.

The parks

Everybody loves all of the parks and recreational spots that Egg Harbor Township has to offer. Take a walk around the lake within the Egg Harbor Township Nature Reserve and you'll see what the residents mean.

Beaches around the corner

The one aspect that EVERYBODY in Egg Harbor Township can agree is one of the township's best selling points is its close proximity to all the beaches. EHT is about 20 minutes from some of the Jersey coastline's most beautiful beaches. No need to rent a beach house when you live that close to some of the best beaches in the country.

Then there's the other side. There were quite a few things that people don't find appealing about living in EHT....

The road quality

To be fair, this is New Jersey, so doesn't everybody complain about the roads in their town?

The traffic

There's no getting around that one. The traffic is inarguably annoying in Egg Harbor Township depending on the time of year. That can usually be blamed on one thing...


People from EHT say they hate when all the shoobies invade for the summer. That's fair considering there can be less products readily available at the grocery store, the parks and rec areas are busier than usual, and as previously mentioned, traffic can get pretty nuts. Let's not forget, though, that tourism is what Atlantic County's economy depends on. So, be nicer to the shoobs, would ya?

Join the conversation and see what people are saying about living in Egg Harbor Township HERE.

Source: Facebook

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