Good news, South Jersey! More food news! Well, restaurant news.

South Jersey residents of Egg Harbor Township and the surrounding areas will be happy to hear that a local favorite, appropriately called 'The Local's Spot' will soon be opening up a new location.

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The new location is a particularly special one to the owner as it's the same spot where the parents used to run another popular EHT restaurant. Everyone was sad to hear that English Creek Restaurant was closing its doors. Well, you don't have to be upset for too long since the next generation is bringing this new place to the parents' former restaurant.

The Local's Spot will open up in the English Creek Shopping Center right where English Creek Restaurant used to be. That fact was confirmed via The Local's Spot's own Facebook page. Little details are known regarding when we can expect the doors to open, but the comments section proves that locals are excited for when that day finally arrives.

The news of the new location comes on the heels of English Creek's owners announcing their retirement. People are happy to hear that one of their favorite local food joints won't exactly be going away forever.

The Local Spot's Facebook page also says that they're currently on the hunt for a few positions. Line cooks and prep cooks are being hired for both the breakfast and dinner shifts. If you or anyone you know may be interested in applying, you can click HERE.

The restaurant's grand opening at the English Creek location should be announced in the coming weeks. Keep up with the progress HERE.

Source: Facebook

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