The mayor of Lindenwold in Camden County reportedly refuses to move a 30-foot camper that's taking up a large chunk of a neighborhood sidewalk. And residents are fed up.

Mayor Richard Roach parked his RV on the street in front of the home belonging to Danielle Boychuck in October. She tells the mayor's park job is up over a curb and in the middle of the sidewalk, making it difficult to walk past.

But despite reaching out to Mayor Roach's office and township officials, the RV remains. Lindenwold Police reportedly told residents that the vehicle is legally parked, which contradicts a city statute (39:4-138) that no vehicle is permitted to park on any sidewalk.

Residents are reportedly meeting with lawyers to file a formal complaint in municipal court. Until then, it sounds like the annoyance is falling on deaf ears.

I wonder if the mayor would tolerate this if it were any other Lindenwold resident committing the infraction. Hmmm. But it was cool seeing a police officer I went to high school with in the video reports, lol. Hi, Mike McCarthy!


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