I guess this elephant did not pass GO or collect $200 enough to call herself Monopoly champion.  Duchess the Elephant from Ringling Bros. Circus did her best, but Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian bested the beast in a friendly round of the game today in Boardwalk Hall section of the city.

Duchess must not have banked enough to purchase important properties.  Guardian probably took Park Place and Boardwalk, which as any Monopoly player knows, sinks your game.

The game was organized by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey to celebrate the return of “The Greatest Show on Earth” to Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall, running Thursday through Saturday this week.

The queen of the circus ring just couldn't defeat the city's main ringleader, according to PressofAtlanticCity.com.  Maybe she was just a real lady, and let him win to save face in his own town.