If you're a New Jersey driver, you might be happy to know that gas prices are finally dropping...slowly.So, so, so slowly - but hey it's better than nothing, amirite?

According to AP, AAA Mid-Atlantic says the state average on Friday was $2.35, which is down 3 cents from last week. Mind you, last year it was at $1.69.

Ah, those were the days.

New Jersey drivers experienced the price hike after the 23-cent-gas-tax went into effect November 1st. But now, AAA says due to the higher demand for U.S. crude oil production, gas prices are finally going down.

As someone who has a Jeep that needs over a quarter tank of gas for a trip from Margate to Vineland, I hope we continue to see a decrease! Just remembering how low it was last year, makes me tear up a bit.

I'll definitely be hawking those gas prices to see them at least drop to a nice $2.10.

Or am I hoping for too much here?

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