So, I stumbled upon this recent poll about summer barbecues (courtesy of the folks at Baker Street Bakery) and the various types of people you encounter at them. Let me tell you; it was hilarious! I couldn't help but recognize myself and my friends in some of these descriptions. 

Let's check out what titles they came up with, and I'll throw in a few comments of my own. Go ahead and give it a read – see if you can spot yourself in there. Are you the gravity expert or maybe the selective sampler?

Let's find out!



The Plate Piler: This culinary daredevil isn't afraid to challenge the laws of physics. They pile their plate so high that it becomes a leaning tower of deliciousness.

The Delivery Guru: Who needs to get up when you have the power of technology at your fingertips? This master of convenience has their food delivered right to their lounge chair. 

The Drink Diva: They're the unofficial beverage manager, ensuring everyone's cups are filled to the brim. Thirst, be gone!

Toa Heftiba -unsplash
Toa Heftiba -unsplash

The Gravity Expert: This person's food seems to have developed a peculiar gravitational attraction to the ground. Don't worry; it happens to the best of us. Just be prepared for the five-second rule to be pushed to its limits as they debate whether or not to save their precious morsel.

The Sous Chef Extraordinaire: This barbecue guest is full of unsolicited advice for the host or designated cook. They're armed with culinary wisdom, from seasoning suggestions to cooking techniques.

The Selective Sampler: This mysterious individual shows up at every BBQ but never seems to partake in the food festivities. They're probably on a secret diet or have just finished a five-course meal at home. Either way, they're here for the good vibes and fantastic company.

Stephanie McCabe - unsplash
Stephanie McCabe - unsplash

The Meat Adventurer: Even though they're a meat lover, this brave soul decides to venture into uncharted territory—the vegan and vegetarian options. Will they be pleasantly surprised or retreat back to their meaty comfort zone? Only time will tell!

The Cutlery Crusader: Why eat with your hands when you can dine with dignity? This sophisticated individual insists on using silverware, even when everyone else is embracing the finger-licking goodness. It's all about elegance, my friends.

The DJ Dynamo: This party animal takes control of the music and entertainment. With their expert song selection and infectious dance moves, they transform the gathering into a full-blown dance party.

The Chair Connoisseur: Why settle for a basic plastic chair when you can bring your own? This BBQ enthusiast knows how to relax in style. With their fancy foldable chair, they take comfort to a whole new level.

So, did you spot yourself or your friends on this list? I bet you did. And as the Jersey Shore heats up, embrace your BBQ alter ego, have a laugh, and enjoy the summer. 

By the way, just to let you know, I'm DJ Sammy Sam. Let's turn up the music and get this party started.

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