Have you ever gone out with someone you met on a dating app only to be faced with someone totally different from their picture upon your arrival? Honey, you've been catfished.

If you're single and live in South Jersey, chances are, you're already aware that it's a serious problem in this state. That's not even just me speaking from experience; it's actually been studied. A new survey shows that New Jersey actually falls within the top 15 most catfished states in the country.

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The study published by SocialCatfish.com reveals that 485 people were victims of catfishing in New Jersey last year alone. Catfishing can be even more serious that I originally painted from the start. Some people actually take it to extremes, purposely trying to trick people into falling for them in the hopes they can scam them into sending money. Here in NJ, that apparently happens a lot.

Last year, everyone who was severely catfished in this state lost a combined total of almost TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS as a result; $11,545,919 to be exact.

I don't know about you, but my friends and I always refer to catfishing as when someone we go out on a date with who was using a profile picture from a few years ago that made them look maybe a bit more attractive than they actually were. Not that looks matter in the grand scheme of things, but with social media playing such a huge role in my generation, it's not uncommon for your friends to ask if the profile picture matched the person you met or if you were catfished.

However, this survey reveals that in NJ, it's not just men and women exaggerating about their current level of fitness or physique. People are conning people; taking advantage of them at their most vulnerable moments. Can we really be surprised by this, though? There's an entire show dedicated to exposing people that do this that's pretty popular on MTV. It's appropriately named 'Catfish' in case you've never heard of it, and some of those stories are just SO AWFUL to believe that people are capable of doing these things to others. Yet, the stories are true and it's so sad to watch.

Have you ever found yourself in a Catfish situation?

Source: SocialCatfish.com

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