Temporary Christmas shops are picking up right where Halloween left off.

Seasonal holiday shops are on trend. It's a concept that has worked well for names like Spirit Halloween. For Christmas, there's a new pop-up store newly opened in Cherry Hill that's bound to inspire copycats.

The 'Everything Christmas' store has set up on Route 38 in the vacant Babies R Us space between Target and Kohls, according to Courier Post. It could be one-stop shopping for everything you need this holiday, from indoor and outdoor lighted decorations, a wide variety of stocking stuffers, unique trinkets, and even gifts for Hanukkah. Talking Santa pens? Check. Light-up necklaces and accessories. Check. Gingerbread House kits? Check.

Here-and-gone stores like 'Everything Christmas' get the job done in a short amount of time, indulging shoppers with what they need, WHEN they need it and, for lack of a better term, going on it's merry way.

And because 'Everything Christmas' took over space occupied by a Halloween pop-up store, I think it's safe to say this trend will catch on with similar retailers.

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