A South Jersey police officer was able to find a stolen iPhone and suspect by using it's popular tracking app.

Back in May 2014, after a man allowed this Willingboro teen to use his cellphone, he punched him, and ran off with the iPhone.

Fast forward now to 2016, and this South Jersey police officer managed to find it. How?

By using "Find my Phone," the officer tracked the phone to a house on Shelbourne Lane. Simple, right? Well, the juvenile's attorney tried to throw the evidence out of court because there was no warrant.

Luckily the court ruled that police officer wasn't wrong because he had reasonable belief thanks to this handy app.

Look at that. Due to technology, and literally an app I use after I lose my phone at the bar, this small case was solved. If you have an iPhone, I strongly suggest activating the 'Find my iPhone' app.

The app should already be programmed into your phone. If you happen to lose your phone, you can use another iPhone OR a Mac to locate it. Keep in mind, your phone can ONLY be tracked if it is turned on. Still, it's very handy as you can see.

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