It took nearly a year, but South Jersey's dirty diaper dumper has been caught.

This is definitely the grossest, most head-scratching story I've told you about in a while.

Police in Franklin Township, Gloucester County say 68-year-old William Friedman was spotted in the wee hours of Sunday morning making a diaper deposit on a road in Malaga, according to Courier Post.

It was reportedly a three-times-a-week habit for the Newfield man, who would spend a length of time over the last 10 months dropping the soiled nappies in one specific area before moving on to another.

Friedman's activities became frequent enough that authorities thought they might be able to predict that he might try again between Route 40 and Route 47.

On Sunday morning, Officer Garrett Moretti reportedly witnessed Friedman pull up in his truck and drop a load of dirty diapers right onto the roadway. He reportedly said the diapers came from his grandson, and that it "almost became a game" and a "joke" as police tried to identify him, according to NBC Philadelphia. He was arrested and faces multiple charges including up to $1000 in fines and interfering with traffic. His littering may have even contributed to a bad accident involving a motorcycle back in June.

Authorities haven't yet revealed a motive for Friedman's actions, but we'll keep you posted. It's too baffling not to, lol.

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