More and more, parents in South Jersey are having to worry about where to take their food-allergic kids trick-or-treating, and what might be in the candy they bring home. Here's how you can help.

Many kids in our aren't able to enjoy traditional trick-or-treating because they struggle with peanut, dairy, and other food allergies. Simply placing a blue or turquoise colored pumpkin on your doorstep can be a signal that you're handing out allergy-friendly treats that won't lead to a dangerous reaction.

Food Allergy Research & Education/YouTube
Food Allergy Research & Education/YouTube

If you don't have blue paint on hand, most stores, like Target, have aisles during Halloween dedicated to the specialty pumpkins.

If you'd like to be an allergy-friendly treat stop on Halloween, here are some festive ideas we found on the official Teal Pumpkin Project website,

  • spider rings
  • vampire fangs
  • bubbles
  • stickers
  • glow sticks

Thanks for helping to make Halloween safe for all South Jersey kids!

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