Is it too early to start talking about trick-or-treating? This close to October, I think not.

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Hopefully, Halloween 2021 will prove to be a lot more fun and eventful compared to last year's holiday. The COVID-19 pandemic basically robbed kids of a bunch of Halloween fun in 2020, so we all have our fingers crossed that this year's festivities will provide all the smiles, scares, and laughter they missed out on.

What's crazy is how fast all the Halloween décor is flying off of store shelves this year. If you walk into any Target or Walmart, parts of their seasonal sections are already completely wiped out. People are eager for something to look forward to, and Halloween is usually a super fun holiday anticipated by all. Costumes are already in short supply, so does that mean we should all stock up on Halloween candy sooner rather than later, too?

Grabbing a few bags of Halloween candy a little early this year doesn't exactly sound like a bad idea. Here's the thing, though: you don't want to be the house with the candy that nobody wants. A new study has been published that researched the most popular candy state-by-state, and luckily, New Jersey's favorite candy in 2021 isn't super random.


As long as you have some Sour Patch Kids in your candy bowl, you'll be good to go this year. According to the survey, Jersey kids prefer gummy candies over chocolate-based bars. Based on those findings, Sour Patch Kids make sense. South Jersey homes can easily stock up on variety candy bags that include some packs of Sour Patch Kids.

You have to be prepared, right? So, you might as well have the candy everybody wants.

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