Now before you break out those torches and pitchforks let me just say I saw this on Facebook and decided to run with it. Disclaimer: I am not an Eagles fan, sorry I have to be honest. Honesty is the best policy. However, with that said I am not stating this as a fact, rather a question. Eagles fans are quite disappointed in their team this season and rightfully so. As a Niners fan I understand disappointment.

I saw a post earlier this week on Facebook with a tombstone featuring the Eagles' logo with the text, "Here lies the Eagles dynasty. 2017-2018." As a non-Eagles fan, I found this amusing. Of course to Eagles fans, this was all too real. Like some of the best 80's songs, are the Eagles a one hit wonder?

At the beginning of the season, it seemed like fans were already prepping themselves for disappointment. Working in an office that is overrun with fans of the Eagles, I sensed an overlying tone. The excitement of the Eagles winning their first Superbowl created excitement for the new season. Many talked about a "new era" or "dynasty." This was it for the Eagles, they are finally going to break the cycle.

While this was all being said, there were quieter talks that seemed to prepare fans for the outcome of the current season. Sports commentators and fans alike were wary that the "pressure" of winning a Superbowl after all this time would effect the team negatively. I noticed the confidence level was quite unsteady.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Brett Carlsen, Getty Images

Throughout the season there were moments that created excitement among fans, making them believe that they could once again be headed to the Superbowl. However, those moments were fleeting and came few and far between.

I grew up in a household with Eagles fans. Fans that are, to some, obnoxiously realistic. Many times I heard a conversation go along the lines of, "The Eagles are going to do well this season (or that they had won a game)," the response usually was, "They'll find a way to disappoint, they always do."

Are Eagles fans soiled by the years of disappointment, that they are so quick to turn on their team? I've noticed this with fans in person and while watching the games. Fans of the Eagles are very quick to turn their backs on "their" team.

With a disappointing season of going from heroes to zeros, do you think it may be possible the Eagles will be falling back on the way things used to be? They do say old habits die hard. Will the Eagles be just another one hit wonder? Will the Eagles be the football version of "Come On Eileen?"

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