Today is a big day for Marvel fans all over the world. This morning, without an ounce of warning, Marvel dropped the trailer for the 4th installment of the Avengers films. In the past, Marvel has announced trailer debuts, released teasers, movie titles, and posters before the release of said trailer. This time around, Marvel Studios look a much different approach. At 9 AM EST Marvel gave the fans what they have been awaiting, just days after releasing the trailer for Captain Marvel. A trailer, poster, release date, and title for the 4th Avengers movie. This was a mic drop moment.

Please welcome in, Avengers: Endgame coming to theaters earlier than expected on April 26th. The trailer comes in at 2 minutes and 25 seconds long and starts off with Tony Stark in a spaceship all alone. The ship appears to be the one belonging to the Guardians of the Galaxy. Of course, if you have seen Avengers: Infinity War, all of the guardians with the exception of Rocket and Nebula are currently "dead." So I guess that means their ship is fair game.

Tony is seen leaving a recorded message in his beat up Iron Man helmet to Pepper Potts. He explains he is adrift in space with no hope of rescue, food and water had run out four days ago, and oxygen will be running out the following morning. The most poignant statement of the trailer is said in the opening scene when Tony says, "Part of the journey is the end." The statement rings volumes to fans, as this is also the end of the story arc that began over 10 years ago.

Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

The first question I had at this point was, where is Nebula? At the end of the last movie, Nebula and Tony were seen alone together on Titan. Where is she now? How did she escape? Why did she leave him behind? Did something happen to her? Will she be back to rescue him? At this point of the trailer, tears began to prick my eyes. I won't lie I cried a few times watching this trailer and I have now watched it way too many times.

Marvel seems to be working off of the emotions of the fans with their title card, which disappears into dust much like the beloved characters in Infinity War. Not cool Marvel.

The trailer continues showing a shot of Thanos's armor, then to a shot of Thanos walking in a field. It seems to be hinting that Thanos is now at peace and sees no reason to fight anymore. All the trailer shows is his gauntlet, which is still damaged. Black Widow is heard on a voice over explaining that Thanos succeeded in wiping out half of all living creatures in the universe.

We get brought to the Avengers compound, which is where I found myself crying yet again. Captain America is there, sans beard, crying. [Insert me balling like a baby here.] Cap. has lost everyone he has held close, Peggy Carter (during Captain America: Civil War) and now Bucky.

Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

Bruce Banner is seen in front of a bunch of screens looking at the faces of those who are presumed dead/missing. You need to have a keen eye so you do not miss the characters on the screens including, Scott Lange AKA Ant-Man, Shuri (wait what?), and Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man. I didn't notice Shuri's photo in the first few times I watched the trailer. I assumed since they did not show her during the "dust scene" that she was spared. However, this does not mean she was turned to dust. After all, Ant-Man's photo is there and we all know his fate.

Cap.'s voice comes on explaining how they lost. We see Thor looking particularly perturbed. Nebula is seen in an empty ship. Why isn't she with Tony? Someone touches what looks like a suit of some sort. (UPDATE: After watching the trailer a few more times, I realized Nebula is on the ship with Tony and the someone who is touching a suit is actually Nebula touching Tony's shoulder.) Phew, I feel better now. Cap. says that they lost friends, family and themselves. Usher in my favorite part of the trailer.

Clint Barton!!! I mean HAWKEYE!!! I mean RONIN?!?!?!

Finally, after his absence from Infinity War and much speculation about his whereabouts, fans where right. Clint is seen wiping a blade with his arm, standing over a few dead bodies in what looks like Japan, and looks back at Natasha. As someone who is on team Hawkeye, and well team Jeremy Renner, this is extremely exciting.

Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

Cap. (presumably) looks at a photo of Peggy as his voice over says that this is the fight of their lives. The internet is dissecting this moment saying it is in fact Natasha holding the photo or drawing comparison to when Cap. looked at the photo as he crashed his plane in Captain America: The First Avenger. Could this mean Cap. is in fact going to die? Natasha tells him that "this" is going to work. This? Is "this" time travel??? Who knew a trailer could actually bring in more questions than it answers. He tells her that he knows that it will because he doesn't know what he will do if it doesn't. At this point Cap. has nothing left to lose, making him determined to be successful in "this."

The trailer forms the Avengers "A" from broken pieces and gives us the title Endgame.

In true Marvel fashion there has to be a moment of comic relief. This time it is in the form of Ant-Man. Wait what? Wasn't he trapped in the Quantum Realm? How did he just mosey his way out? Also, where's Rhodey, Rocket, and Okoye??

Ant-Man is seen on the security camera of the Avengers compound asking to be let in by Cap., reminding him of who he is. Also note, the van. This appears to be the same van that Scott used to go to the Quantum Realm. This seams important.

Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

Goosebumps and tears were the theme for me while watching the trailer. It seems like it will have the same tone as Infinity War, which was much more intense and less reliant on the jokes compared to other Marvel films. I went in with so many questions, but the trailer just gave me more questions than I started with. The team over at Marvel did a great job of hyping the movie without revealing too much. They pretty much confirmed fan theories and left it at that. Well, all theories except the deaths of Cap. and/or Tony.

Take the trailer with a grain of salt. The Russo brothers are known to lie. Can you blame them? In the trailers for Infinity War, Hulk was seen in Wakanda and we all know how that actually played out...

Lucky for fans the release date has been bumped up, just like Infinity War. Rather than having to wait until May, fans will see the end of the 10 year arc on April 26th or for those going to the "midnight" opening April 25th. Since the trailer's release just over 4 hours ago it has received over 8.5 million views. (UPDATE: In 24 hours the trailer received over 289 million views making it the most viewed trailer in history.