When it comes to arguments/disagreements with the spouse, I believe there is only one root to the problem.  It's not the bills, the work schedule, or guys night out.  It's the bathroom!  Trust me, I know this.

I don't have any research or have a bachelors in Bathroom, but I certainly know the feeling when you walk into a bathroom and you see some one's  mess on the floor, sink, mirror, wall, tub, etc.

What's my BIGGEST pet peeve in the bathroom?

When a roommate/spouse/whatever, gets on your case about a sock on the bathroom floor, while he/she has a pile of clothes building up on the floor just a foot away.  It goes under the "do as I say, not as I do", which I can't stand.  Just my two cents from previous experience.  Everybody keep the little room clean, and your relationship will be ten times better.


What's you're pet peeve with the spouse in the bathroom?

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