If you're looking to downsize your life and do it along the Jersey shore, this tiny house that's up for sale might be perfect for you.

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Personally, I've become FASCINATED by the Tiny Homes culture. I've even been trying to convince my husband that we're made for the tiny home lifestyle. Even though he would consider me a pack rat in dire need of a visit from Marie Kondo, I crave a simpler existence.

If you feel like I do, you've got to take a tiny tour of this tiny home on the market in Lacey Twp. (Toms River area). Even if you don't want to BUY it, it's still cool to see how this tiny home is laid out. When you live in a home this small, there's got to be a place for everything, and everything in its place. No clutter allowed!

This abode boasts LED lighting, Mini Split heating and air conditioning, a SMART TV, and plenty of storage, according to TinyHouseListings.com, as well as butcher block counters, a 2-burner induction cooktop, ceiling fan, stainless steel sink, and even an oversized fiberglass shower and low flow toilet.

Scroll through some photos of the tiny house for sale in Lacey Twp. for $39,970, then take my poll below and let me know if you'd ever consider living in one yourself!

Peek Inside This Tiny House for Sale at the Jersey Shore

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