A teacher's rant about how parents are destroying their children went viral on social media and was met with responses from both sides of the argument.

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Texas-based teacher Julie Marburger posted pictures to her Facebook account depicting the average day in the life of a 21st century teacher. Without giving too much away, she was fed up. There was pics of gum on the window sill, technological gadgets not put away in their proper place, papers all over the floor, and a bookcase that looks like it's on its last leg (almost literally).

Marburger expressed her stress by stating that because, in her opinion, parents "coddle their kids" too much in today's society, she expects there to be a teachers crisis soon enough since so many are leaving the profession altogether for similar reasons.

Marburger explained that teaching wasn't always what it's become today. Parents and teachers used to be on the same team, which was ultimately for the student even if the student themselves didn't see it that way at the time. Now, when she fails a student, apparently parents contact her outraged screaming that it's her fault their son or daughter failed.

Responses were dropped in the comments of her Facebook rant that highlight people who agree with her as well as those who think she may be the problem.

Check out the rant, pics, and differences of opinion HERE.

Source: Wimp.com

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