The Masked Singer has premiered its second season on Fox last night. The show blends the game of Guess Who, a singing competition and fun costumes. Based on the show King of Masked Singer in South Korea, the American version took social media during its debut season last year. I think we can thank Ryan Reynolds for bringing the show to the U.S. after his appearance on the original version went viral.

The new season brought another 16 celebrities to don 16 amazing costumes. This season we have the Black Widow, Butterfly, Eagle, Egg, Flamingo, Flower, Fox, Ice Cream, Lady-Bug, Leopard, Panda, Penguin, Rottweiler, Skeleton, Thingamajig, and Tree. Who's who?

Spoilers ahead from episode one.

Let's start with some predictions.

Black Widow:

We aren't starting off great here. I listened to a short clip of the Black Widow singing, which led to nothing. However, after looking up other peoples' guesses I may have established my prediction. By establishing my prediction I mean agreeing with the internet by saying it may be Raven Symone.


Clearly British, which took away all of my guesses like Demi Lovato or Kesha. My mind then went to Victoria Beckham, but I don't remember her having a tough year. My brother then interjected with Mel B. as a guess, which I could get on board with.


Pointing out the red bandana made me immediately think of Bruce Springsteen, but I can't see him doing the show. I saw a guess online for Brett Michaels, which the Eagle sort of look like. I did Google what an eagle's body temperature is, which is 106°. That doesn't help me at all.



Last night the Egg was unveiled to no surprise in my house. We had guessed it was Johnny Weir. I just have to say, I love Johnny Weir.


At first, I thought it was someone in the beauty industry, which it very well might be. However, now I believe it's Adrienne Bailon. While she has denied it to her co-hosts on The Talk, who also believed it was her, that's what she would have to do anyway if she was, in fact, the Flamingo. When she shows off her costume at one point, 3 feathers are sticking in the air. Arienne was in the girl group 3LW. Plus, in a clip of the Flamingo singing, it sounds exactly like Adrienne.


Last week, the show aired a special sneak peek for season 2. During this special, my guess for the Flower was established. Danica Patrick. The Flower says she's putting "the 'petal' to the metal," hinting to a driver. There is the number 314 hidden, Danica had a total of 314 points in her final season as an IndyCar driver.


I'm am going out on a limb and saying my first guess that I had after seeing that video. Josh Brolin. Hear me out. There was a mention of being a superhero before you say that Thanos is a villain, don't forget Brolin also played Cable. If you haven't read a comic book or haven't seen Deadpool 2, Cable has a red eye and a metal arm. The Fox also mentions staying in his fox hole until the end, which is exactly what Thanos did. Who knows, Ryan Reynolds could have convinced him to do the show. I read theories online that it's Jeremey Renner, the moment the Fox sings I'll be sure to know if it is him or not.


Ice Cream:

Last night the Ice Cream was unmasked, again to no surprise from my house. We had figured out the true identity of the Ice Cream before the scoop came off. Gamer and streamer Ninja was the celeb under the mask.


The Ladybug is the one my brothers and I have been reeling over, watching the clues over and over again. My brother thought perhaps Renee Elise Goldsberry; the lifetime of drama being her time on One Life to Live and the ham for Hamilton. However, she hasn't had a controversial life. Jamie Lynn Spears is a pretty strong guess as is Kelly Osborne.


Ok Kim K., I see you. No really, that's my guess. Kim has been spotted with the President in meetings about prison reform. Plus, the Leopard's costume was made to hide the celebrity's silhouette. Kim has a very recognizable body that would need to be hidden.


I legitimately have not a clue on this one. Even after reading theories online, I'm stumped.


At one point the Penguin brings up "bringing the heat," which made me think of Miami Heat. However, the hair montage throws it off a bit. Most guesses online point to Paula Abdul, which is pretty much the opposite of my guess.


My brother really wants this to be Jets' running back Le'Veon Bell, he is pretty convinced that he will make an appearance on the show at some point. Some of his other guesses were former wide receiver Steve Smith or Victor Cruz. Most people on the internet have their eyes on Chris Daughtry for this one, however, Chris Daughtry never played football in his life and there were strong football clues.


I 120% agree with Ken Jeong for this one, it's Martin Short. The mannerisms scream Martin Short and whenever he was on stage he did zanny things to keep the attention purely on him and no one else. Pure Martin Short.


Am I the only one who thinks Thingamajig looks like Will.I.Am.? Also, Thingamajig is a real word which makes me amused. The clue that had me immediately Googling was from the sneak peek where he said to not get him confused with Chewbacca, but that they both celebrate on the same day. As a Star Wars fan I started looking up celebrities with May 4th (May the Fourth Be With You) birthdays. I didn't know what I was looking for until the new clues were revealed. I agree with the internet here, it's NBA player Victor Oladipo. He played for the Magic early in his career and currently plays for the Pacers, both mentioned in the clues.


For some reason, I thought Valerie Bertinelli did Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movies, but she doesn't. She has had her own cooking shows and is a TV star. I am probably completely wrong, but I'm sticking to it until more clues are revealed.

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