There is a traffic light in our area that never turns red.

And think for a moment how terrific it would be if every one was that way... ahh, to dream.

Anyway, let's take a trip to Galloway Township -- specifically, the intersection of Jimmie Leeds and Great Creek Roads (if you are trying to draw a mental picture of where that's at, it's about 1/3-mile east of Garden State Parkway Exit 41).

If you know that intersection, you know it's rather non-traditional in its lay-out -- Great Creek comes in at a sharp angle to Jimmie Leeds, almost looking like the letter Y if you see it from above (the side street isn't perpendicular to the main street like most intersections).

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Should you find yourself driving westbound (towards the Garden State Parkway) on either Great Creek or Jimmie Leeds, you will occasionally hit a red light as traffic alternates, as shown below.

Westbound Jimmie Leeds and Great Creek Roads in Galloway Township NJ - Photo: Google Maps

However, if you are eastbound on Jimmie Leeds Road (driving towards Wrangleboro and Pitney Roads), the green light that you'll pass will never be red. See:

Eastbound traffic on Jimmie Leeds Road in Galloway Township NJ will never encounter a red light - Photo: Google Maps

And there's no reason why it ever would be. There's no cross-traffic to ever stop for. Traffic on Great Creek can only continue straight onto Jimmie Leeds and there isn't even a crosswalk there to make the light change.

As far as I know, this might be the only traffic signal in our area that will never turn red.

And if you think this is the only traffic anomaly, you might be interested in knowing how you can drive both northbound and southbound at the same time (ironically, also in Galloway Township).

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