Imagine buying a lottery ticket and winning money -- and then buying another ticket and winning again -- and then buying a third ticket and winning millions of dollars all on the same day.

That is exactly what happened recently to one incredibly lucky person in Burlington County.

According to the New Jersey Lottery, an unnamed person bought a scratch-off lottery ticket and won $50.

Now, most people would have assumed that was the extent of their luck for the day and they would go on doing what they had planned.

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But for this person, he or she decided to try their luck again. They bought another scratch-off ticket and won $100.

Now with $150 from two consecutive winning lottery tickets, later that same day, this same person stopped into a liquor store and decided to buy just one more ticket, which happened to be from the $3,000,000 Ultimate Riches game.

Officials with the lottery say,

Having already had his fill of slowly scratching and uncovering numbers for the day, he opted to just scratch the barcode on the ticket and scan it. He swiped the ticket under the scanner and read the resulting readout: See clerk. The clerk checked the ticket as well and told our winner that he had a big prize on the ticket! The winner hastily scratched the ticket and was overjoyed to see what he thought was a $300,000 prize, only to find out a moment later that the actual prize was 10X the amount - $3,000,000!

That winning $3 million ticket was bought at Rancocas Wine and Spirits on Rancocas Rd. in Mount Holly.

For the day, this extremely lucky person won $3,000,150.

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