Fresh off the production line! I love it when a Jersey Shore resident does something amazing, like create a product we can all use.

The Beach Ring
The Beach Ring

This is brilliant, whether you're going to the beach, park, a family BBQ, or anywhere else where you want to gently remind people to stay six feet away!

Ken Brown from Ocean Township came up with the idea when talking with his friends about their concerns about overcrowded beaches during a pandemic.

The Beach Ring easily folds and comes with a bag to carry it in, it's made of stainless spring steel so it won't rust, and it is selling online for $39.95 or a family 3-pack for $105.

CLICK HERE to see a video of how it works...looks simple!

For details or to try and purchase (if it isn't sold out by now!) CLICK HERE.

Harvard and a bunch of other places have been buying them up and Shark Tank has even reached out to him!


Have you ever come up with a great idea but then never followed through with it, only to find someone else one day succeeding with 'your' invention? LOL!

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