A pool party 250 people paid to get into over the weekend in Gloucester Township was broken up by police for violating state social distancing orders.

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A large gathering, of what Governor Phil Murphy would certainly refer to as 'knuckleheads', attended the party Sunday afternoon on Prospect Court off Jarvis Road in Sicklerville that had actually been promoted ahead of time.

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The homeowner, 31-year-old Jeffrey Davis Jr., had previously been advised by Gloucester Township Police against holding the party after authorities got wind of similar gatherings happening in the area, but he and a promoter named Marheem Miller, of Camden, threw it anyway.

The event reportedly went on for several hours before being broken up by police, according to Patch.com. None of the partygoers had been wearing masks or practiced social distancing. There was loud music and cars illegally parked along the court. Those vehicle owners were cited by GTPD. Guests allegedly littered the court upon being asked to leave.

I grew up in this area of Gloucester Twp., and I know Prospect Court well, and I'm trying to figure out HOW the homeowner even FIT 250 people on the property. So, it must have been a REALLY packed scene.

Davis and Miller are both facing multiple charges, including violating Gov. Murphy's executive orders.

The investigation is likely to involve other government agencies, like the New Jersey Alcoholic Beverage Control and Camden County Health Department.

Please, if you're considering doing something similar, learn from Davis' mistakes. Keep your gathering to 25 people max. It's just not worth the headache and the fines.

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