If you wanna get your Wendy's food on in the Northfield area, you'll have to make a detour to another location. The restaurant on Tilton Road closed this week for renovation.

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I feel like that Wendy's, as it looked before, was seemingly gutted overnight! I drove home from the station one night, and the next night it was stripped! Until I got a closer look, I was afraid the joint had just closed down.

It's a good thing I haven't had any recent cravings to dip fries into a Frosty, because I'd have to haul my cookies down to Somers Point (on Route 9) or out to Egg Harbor Twp. (off Black Horse Pike near English Creek).

So, if you live near the Northfield Wendy's, you're sure to see its progress for yourself while it's being remodeled. Oh, and the restaurant also had signs out front that they're hiring.

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