If you tilt your head to the sky tonight you may get a rare glimpse of the stunning Northern Lights.

Last visible over the Garden State this previous March, the colorful aurora borealis may be on display, albeit a bit faintly, high in the sky overnight, according to University of Alaska Fairbanks, due to a minor geomagnetic storm currently affecting Earth.

The celestial lights could be seen overhead in upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, with the geomagnetic getting stronger over the next 24 hours.

Forecasters say the geomagnetic storm could get stronger over the 24 hours, pushing the aurora as far south as Illinois, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center.

NJ.com says it may be worth it to find a dark area, the farther north the better, to catch the Northern Light since the skies are expected to remain clear.

To capture on camera, experts suggest using an exposure of 10 to 30 seconds.


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