You mean, we can actually turn left without turning right???


A New Jersey Senator really hopes so.


Or he doesn't like driving in New Jersey.



Sen. James Holzapfel of Ocean County.argues that jughandles  'delay and torment motorists who must regularly use them and confuse those unfamiliar with such traffic configurations.' (NBC 10)



Relax, the Senator's statement has no impact on the jughandles that are currently in place.  I mean, could you imagine the amount of traffic we would get because of the construction?  I'd rather miss my exit.



Simply put, he wants to put a ban on any future jughandles, and wants traffic engineers to consider U-turns and extra lanes for left turns.



His reasoning isn't just because of the confusion (especially if you're not from around here), he adds that jughandles  'cause rush-hour nightmares, contribute to pollution because of idling cars and take up too much land.' (NBC 10)



By the way, the Senator has brought up his frustrations for the past decade.





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