If you’re like me you didn’t even know this was possible. We’ve all heard of emotional support animals for human beings. But how many of us knew an animal can have a support animal?

At the Turtle Back Zoo a cheetah named Nandi has had an emotional support dog named Bowie since a few weeks old. Cheetahs are disappearing fast. There’s been a worldwide decline of 90% in just twenty years. With the species racing towards extinction the Turtle Back Zoo and other zoos have what they call ambassador cheetahs, where the cat is brought around for talks on the plight of the species. But cheetahs are very skittish and that’s where the support dog comes in. Bowie has been specially trained to calm Nandi down when she needs it thus allowing her to be part of the education program.

The NJ.com video also shows how darn cute these two are together.

Speaking of animals being skittish, ever hear of this blind goat with an anxiety disorder that lives at a sanctuary in Annandale? She wore a duck costume to calm her down. I guarantee this will be the best video of an anxious goat wearing a duck suit you’ll see all day.

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