Tone Mobile has created a new smartphone that actually prevents you, the user, from creating anything (taking pictures, videos, etc.) that is deemed inappropriate.

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According to, the phone is $200, significantly less than most smartphones currently on the market. Some are even claiming this phone is more kid-friendly since it stops them from taking inappropriate pictures or irresponsible videos.

The news of Tone Mobile's new smartphone comes out just as some of the social media challenges kids film themselves attempting are leading to accidental fatalities. The story of Mason Bogart who died after attempting the "choking challenge" that was making its way around the social media space a few months ago went viral. Bogart didn't make it. His parents ended up making the decision to donate his organs. The video of Bogart's honor walk took the internet by storm and alerted everyone to his story and the dangerous possibilities that come with attempting to create content that could be potentially harmful.

The hope is that this new smartphone will deter users from creating irresponsible pictures (including any naked content) and videos that could put the user in an unfortunate situation.

Source:, Youtube

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