Driving can be many things to us. It can be fun, adventurous, exhilarating, necessary, and in some cases, downright dangerous.

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NJ.com has just came out with a list of the most dangerous roads in the Garden State and there are more than a few dangerous roads in South Jersey.

The list is comprised of the 12 most dangerous roads in New Jersey from NJ Advanced Media. The criteria was taken from 2018 DOT crash statistics.

According to the report, the dangerous roads in South Jersey include:

#8 I-295 with 3,220 crashes

#5 RT-9 with  4,405 crashes. A three-mile section in Old Bridge is considered the most dangerous stretch of RT. 9.

#2 N.J Turnpike with 7,777 crashes. 230 million vehicles used this road in 2018.

#1 Garden State Parkway with 10,663 crashes. The busiest road in New Jersey had over 389 million toll transactions last year.

The GSP is part of my daily commute and everyday I see people who drive way too fast and dangerously tailgate on a daily basis. Driving safely should be everyone's top priority when getting behind the wheel.


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