Are you ready to eat a lot this Sunday? Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy your food even more by watching the Birds beat the Patriots. 

Only Thanksgiving Day rates higher for food consumption than Super Bowl Sunday. According to the National Chicken Council, we'll devour over 1.3 billion wings during the Big Game this year.

According to, over 12 million slices of pizza will be eaten on Super Sunday and pizza shops see a spike of over 60% in deliveries. Wings and pizza are the most popular foods for the Big Game but, not in our home state.

Thrillist has just broken down a list of the most popular Super Bowl foods state by state. The criteria used for the research comes from General who looked at data and searches for recipes state by state.

Thee most popular game day food for the Garden State is chili and just in case you're wondering, potato soup is the most popular food in Pennsylvania according to the list. Green potato soup has a nice ring to it. Good luck to the Eagles!



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