There's a lot of pie making around Thanksgiving, arguably more than any other time of year. Can you guess our favorite pie to put on our holiday tables here in the Garden State?

No matter how much we load up on first, second, or even THIRD helpings of Thanksgiving dinner, we always save a little room for dessert.

The pie is the king of Thanksgiving dessert and what most guests prefer. I'm one of those people. I do not want to see a brownie or a cookie or some pound cake shaped like turkey on Thanksgiving. It's PIE, PIE, and more PIE.

Leave it to kitchen maven Ree Drummond, Food Network's 'The Pioneer Woman' to put together a list of the five most popular pies in the United States.

The Pioneer Woman Magazine Celebration with Ree Drummond
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The data was curated using Google trends for "most searched" pies by U.S. state over a 30-day period.

While apple pie comes in at the top as the most popular flavor of pie, it's NOT the most popular in New Jersey.

Thinkstock; Canva
Thinkstock; Canva

I thought FOR SURE we Garden Staters would go for something fruity since we're home to so much Jersey Fresh produce.

But nope. New Jersey's favorite kind of pie, or at least the most searched, is the traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.


Here are the Top 5 most popular pies in America:

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  1. Apple pie
  2. Pumpkin pie
  3. Key lime pie
  4. Sweet potato pie
  5. Pecan pie

Just out pies by state below.

courtesy Google Trends via
courtesy Google Trends via

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