The movie 'The Wedding Crashers' made crashing weddings look awesome and fun! It's too bad reality is dangerous.


You see, crashing a wedding technically counts as robbery when you go eat someone's food, drink their drinks, and enjoy their band playing K.C. and the Sunshine Band without an invitation.



Three underage guys in Ocean Township crashed a wedding this weekend at a banquet hall.  They did everything you would think a couple wedding crashers would do.  They dressed in suits, danced with wedding guests, and ate their food.



But eventually someone figured out they were crashing.  And when the banquet hall manager tried to stop them from leaving before the cops got there, one of them threw her on the ground so they could take off.  That was smart.



Now all three of them are wanted for strong-armed robbery.  And the police have figured out who they are and are trying to track them down.

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