Looks like New Jerseyans are really taking advantage of reporting distracting driving on the road. According to officials, over 1,000 drivers (and counting) have made a report.

Not going to lie, when I first read the news that New Jersey wanted its drivers to tattle tale on distracted drivers I had my doubts. But, the Division of Highway Traffic Safety say that since its inception, 1,071 calls have been made.

WHICH IS A LOT. Reportedly, when the program rolled out, operators received 90 calls a day. Unfortunately, calls have decreased a bit which police speculate it could be because people aren't aware that it's available.

Now, I find this hard to believe since whenever I drive the GSP,  all I ever see are signs saying to dial #77 to report aggressive/distracted driving. But, that's just me.

Either way, keep up the good work New Jersey! Just a friendly reminder to not distract YOURSELF while reporting on others.

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