Before you were 21 did you ever get an ID taken away from you because it really wasn't your ID? I personally did not go through that embarrassment but I have seen people go through it.

If you have a new New Jersey state-issued driver's license or ID don't be surprised if you get rejected from purchasing alcohol or any smoking products. According to, the state of New Jersey has changed the look on the driver's license and ID and many people are not okay with the embarrassment that they are being put through.

A Twitter user shared in a post replying to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, "Literally got denied alcohol at a restaurant in NYC because the new NJ driver's licenses ‘feel absolutely fake’.”

That is not good because it will cause a ton of arguments between patrons and restaurant employees.

According to, New Jersey residents believe that the new driver's license has a completely different feel and easily can be portrayed as a fake document.

We learned from the tweet shared by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission that the reason for the change of the New Jersey license was because the new driver's license has new "security features and protections."

Even though the new NJ driver's license may cause you some trouble and get you rejected from having a few drinks, an NJMVC spokesperson told that this will protect New Jersey residents from "fraud and identity theft.” It’ll  also "enhance security of individuals’ personal information."

If you happen to get rejected from going into a bar make sure you have some sort of proof that shows you are of age to drink.

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