He fought long and hard for the right to keep the pasta on his head.....


Meet Aaron Williams, a 25 yr old resident of Egg Harbor Township. He walked into a MVC facility in South Brunswick wearing pasta on his head and hoped to get his driver's license photo updated.



Motor vehicle workers asked him to take his lunch off his head, he continuously refused, and the police got involved.
Williams told the police that the strainer was a religious head covering and he had a right to wear it in his driver’s license photo.  He also also added that he practices Pastafarianism.
Pastafarianism, according to google, is the Church of the Flying Spaghettic Monster.  It's   a movement opposing teaching in schools of intelligent design and creationism.
I'm not about to disrespect his religious preference, I will disagree with him on his manners.
The noodle head shot video of his altercation with the motor vehicle worker with his phone, and refused to delete it.
When asked why he went all the way to South Brunswick instead of EHT, he simply said that 'he liked the office, it’s nice and new.'
Either way, the joke's on him.  I'm betting that if he wins, he has to wear the spaghetti strainer at all times while operating the vehicle.

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