A couple renting a home in Toms River, New Jersey say they got more than they bargained for when they moved in on March 1.  

Mysterious sounds, flickering light, even ghost sightings sent Josue Chinchilla, his fiance Michele Callan and her two daughters running for the nearest motel.  And now they want their money back.

Chinchilla and Callan are seeking to have their $2,250 security deposit returned by landlord Richard Lopez.  The couple claim they experienced unexplained phenomenon, including voices they were able to record screaming "let it burn".  They also say less than two weeks after their tenancy began that blankets began sliding off their bed.

photo courtesy of USA Today


Chinchilla also says he was grabbed by a dark, shadowy apparition.  New Jersey Paranormal Investigators were brought in to verify the claims which they say have basis.  Lopez is countersuing, he believes the renters are just trying to avoid financial obligation.


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