A pit bull saved a pit bull puppy's life after dragging his owner to the puppy's whereabouts in New Jersey.

Animals truly are incredible! Last week a dog saved his owner's life by breaking a glass window pane, now this pit bull reportedly saved a puppy that was on the brink of death.

ABC News reports, the man was walking his dog in Jersey City two weeks ago when his pit bull, Ace, led him into a building's basement. As a dog owner myself, if my dog is adamant about bringing me somewhere, I always trust his reasoning!

Turns out, the man came across a pit bull puppy, later named Theo, in desperate need of medical attention. Theo was found with severe head trauma and was suffering from blindness as a result.

As of August 2, Theo's condition has improved greatly as he regains his vision.

No news who is responsible for Theo's trauma, but he is currently in a foster home where he will need constant care and attention.

Just goes to show, we should always trust our animals/pets' instincts!

Read ABC News for the full story.

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