I'm an animal lover like so many of you so I love sharing this post!  This is more news that New Jersey can be proud of...a proposed new law (that passed unanimously) would allow judges to appoint lawyers for animals that have been mistreated or abused. That is freaking awesome.

How could you not love this face?!?!

Photo credit: Shannon Holly
Shannon's Red Goldendoodle puppy, Fozzie  Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Just to know that our furry friends could be more protected across our state is pretty amazing!  The bill, which passed unanimously in the Senate earlier this year is still awaiting an Assembly vote, but it is lookin' good.  If passed, it would create a Courtroom Animal Advocate Program. This would do a few things...the mere organization of this should make an abuser think twice before hurting a precious animal because to lay it out plainly, they'll come for you.

Here's how it would work:  lawyers and third-year law students would be able to volunteer to be a liaison between the court and the abused animal.  This would literally give our animals a voice.  This way animals don't get lost in the mix as the case moves through the legal system.  Leave it to Jersey to start a movement to protect our animals...just one more reason to be Jersey proud!

If this means as much to you as it does to me, you can help! Be sure to call your state legislative representatives and let them know that you stand behind the New Jersey CAAP program.  Every call makes a difference!

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