This New Jersey dog is a hero after breaking through a window to save his owner's life.

ABC 7 News reports, two women went out for a walk in Northvale, New Jersey when they heard a window break from a house. Suddenly, the sound of a dog barking loudly was heard.

The women contacted police after they heard the dog's loud barking.Police were able to get inside, and found the dog's owner in "an unknown medical condition." Northvale Police Chief William Essmann believes the dog did this to get the attention of people passing by. Luckily, it worked!

As of now, the owner is in the hospital for treatment. The dog also suffered some injury to his paws for his heroic deed.

Police applaud the dog, and the women passing by who "Saw Something and Said Something."

Just goes to show you, that anyone can be a hero.

Source: ABC-7 News |

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