Every person's arcade favorite, the claw, may now be investigated by New Jersey lawmakers.

You know, the claw! It usually has tons of stuffed animals of a medium size, you put tokens in, and the claw picks up a toy just for it to slip from its fingertips, IN THE LAST SECOND!

So, yes I am glad this is an issue that is being looked into. (kidding)

In all seriousness, NJ State Sen. Nicholas Scutari wants legislation to regulate the game he believes targets young children.

Some critics believe the game is easily rigged so operators can set the payout odds, and control the joystick-strength so players rarely capture big prizes. Meanwhile industry officials say this isn't true; if players don't win, they wouldn't want to come back.

Philly Voice say when players were asked, they admitted there were reservations but the claw was still a fun game. Most players even went on to say they have won something.

So far, no hearing have been scheduled. Based off your personal experiences with the claw, is it rigged? Hmmmm...

Read the full story on Philly Voice and watch the video from NBC Philadelphia: