Cumberland County has approved a $3 surcharge to fund a county welfare program that helps homelessness in the area.

This $3 surcharge will create a Homelessness Trust Fund that will potentially raise $75,000 a year for homeless people within Cumberland County. The Cumberland County Housing First Initiative aims to help get homeless people back on track.

According to The Daily Journal, the surcharge will offer financial support for homeless people to get rental assistance and find housing. Almost $40,000 of taxpayers' money is spent every on each homeless person. This program could be the solution.

What is this surcharge being placed on? It's going to be on certain, not ALL, documents at Cumberland County Clerk's Office, like deeds, mortgages, and real estate filings. points out that nearly half of New Jersey's counties already have a trust fund in place. And now, Cumberland County has joined the fight.



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