Jose Lopez hadn't seen his family in 24 years. But he's been reunited with them because a New Jersey Transit police officer cared enough to help.

The 61-year-old Lopez was moved to an outreach center after being discovered at the Secaucus Junction stop earlier this month. He told workers he'd gone from New Jersey to Miami and back again, and that he may still have family living in Bradley Beach, according to

That's when NJ Transit Officer Sean Pfeifer stepped in not only with determination to help Lopez find his relatives, but to get him clean clothes, and haircut, and a shave.

Viviani tells 6abc she's happy to be able to make up for lost time with her dad.

We hope this is truly a new beginning for Lopez, too. And, it just goes to show how the heart of one person can make a difference and help turn someone else's life around. Thank you Officer Pfeifer and to the outreach team that gave Jose Lopez, and us, and renewed faith in humanity.

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