After defeating homelessness, a New Jersey teen has beaten the odds, receiving offers to continue his education from 17 different colleges.

17-year-old Dylan Chidick, a former resident of the country of Trinidad now living in Jersey City, is facing a big decision. One he may thought he'd never have the opportunity to make.

Chidick was seven when he moved to the United States, where he, his mom, and younger twin brothers (who reportedly suffer from a serious hear condition), experienced homelessness, according to

But with the help of a non-profit organization, the family was able to get on it's feet, and full of determination, Chidick soared through the ranks of Henry Snyder High School. In addition to being class president, he also became an Honor Society member.

Dylan's story is beyond inspiring. His is a story not of what you CAN'T do, but what you CAN. Against all odds, his hard work and perseverance paid off, and he'll be the first in his family to ever go to college. But, which one? The acceptance letters may not even be done rolling in! Some of Dylan's choices, so far, include NJCU, Ramapo, and Albright, CBS New York reports.

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