They both exhibit such consistently flawless style that it's hard to tell where character Olivia Pope ends and actress Kerry Washington begins.  Scandal Gladiators, like myself, salivate week after week over Pope's ever-chic wardrobe.  Now, we can dress just like her thanks to The Limited!

The Scandal Collection, available at The Limited stores nationwide beginning September 23rd, was designed by Washington, along with the show’s Emmy-nominated costume designer Lyn Paolo.

The Limited Senior VP of Design Elliot Staples calls the line “aspirational, sophisticated and feminine”.

Washington echoed the sentiment, telling, “I truly admire Lyn and love collaborating with her to create Olivia Pope’s looks each week. Being able to work with her on a project that brings Olivia’s style and confidence to Gladiators everywhere was something I couldn’t turn down.”

The designs, which include wide-legged trousers, ladylike blouses and even a cape, are described as tailored, elegant pieces that echo the style that’s made Olivia Pope a fashion icon. “We wanted to create a line the professional woman would incorporate into her wardrobe and that fans of the show would be excited to wear,” says Staples.

Washington confesses she loves the coats, one of Olivia's signature statement pieces, though she was excited to bring to the whole collection the sense of timelessness she sees in her character’s clothing.

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