Following up on a story reported a month ago about the Cherry Hill school district implementing a new security system that would feature armed guard in the schools has taken full effect, and parents are feeling a sense of relief as a result.

The tragic events at the Parkland, Florida high school shooting a few months back prompted officials to make the change to having armed guards carry weapons when they weren't previously before.

Javier Soto says, "I like them being there and even when I drop off my kids I see them there and do get a sense of security. But I believe they could do more, perhaps like metal detectors."

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"Every school in South Jersey should have guards, and now we are really safe and we feel that every kid is now safe and there in nothing really to worry about like we had without them," Eleanor Kendall says.

The new security system features campus officers that are hired by the district who are fully trained and have prior experience working in the professional field such as police departments outside of the school district. These armed officers are stationed at Cherry Hill's East and West High Schools.

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This comes off the recent events of the Santa Fe High School shooting leaving 10 dead.

Reports say that the plan will eventually be implemented in the middle and elementary schools as well, hiring up to five additional policemen that will be assigned to each.

Source: 6abc

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