Next time you have a birthday or graduation party, be mindful of the balloons you use and how you dispose of them. Mylar balloons posing a threat to aquatic ecosystem.

Mylar balloons can be found at most celebrations. With the extensive amount of colors and shapes they are extremely popular here in America. Who doesn't want a balloon that looks like Captain America at their party?

However, according to The Press of Atlantic City, Ocean County Freeholder Director Joseph Vicari is warning residents to make sure these balloons do not get loose.

More and more of these balloons are being found in the Barnegat Bay and ocean.

Vicari said in a statement, "Part of the problem we are seeing is the prevailing winds are bringing these balloons in from other states. Let’s set an example in Ocean County and not release balloons."

If you are using these popular balloons at your next celebration, make sure you tether them down properly and so to not let them float away. The balloons can float high enough to catch a good wind and fly hundreds of miles.

Aquatic wildlife will sometimes mistaken these balloons with food and ingest it.

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Mark Kolbe, Getty Images

Of course, all balloons and plastics such as: plastic bags and six-pack can rings, pose a threat to the marine wildlife. However, the increase in popularity of Mylar balloons increase the threat to this ecosystem.

Please make sure you dispose of all plastics and if you see litter pick it up and throw it away. Cut the rings from six-pack can holders. Little things make the biggest difference.

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