Here is video of a courageous customer in a South Jersey Wawa tackling an armed gunman and fighting with him until police arrived.

According to, an armed man who attempted to rob the Winslow, Camden County Wawa early Wednesday morning ran into to a patron who refused to let him complete his robbery.

The incident was reported shortly before 2 a.m. at a Wawa in the 600 block of Cross Keys Road. That's when police said Ray entered and ordered three women store clerks to the floor while brandishing a gun.

A patron in the store then tackled the alleged gunman and a fight ensued. The patron, identified by police by only his first name, Darryl, was allegedly pistol-whipped by the man in a raucous fight from the floor through the front door until police arrived to find Ray disarmed of the handgun, authorities said.

Township police Chief George Smith  told he considered Darryl a "hero," but suggests that you don't try to be a hero.

"Obviously, I believe this guy's a hero," Smith said. "However, we tell people not to do these acts. If it turned bad, it really would have been a loss for his family and himself. The outcome today was great, however we don't tell people to do that."

Police later found that the gun used by Ray was not loaded.

Both men were treated for injuries at area hospitals.

From the YouTube channel, here is video of the men's fight in the Wawa...

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