True story....


My Mother visited South Jersey for the first time.  Everything was great.   Thanks again for your suggestions on what to see and do while she's here.


Now, let's get to the drama.....


Just one hour before my Mother's arrival, I finished making dinner and turned off my oven.  About 15 minutes later, I still smelled gas.  I was thinking, 'perhaps the oven is cooling off?' (stupid)


Later, I noticed that the pilot light was still on in my oven and I can still hear the gas. I still thought the oven was cooling off.


I finally decided that I should knock on my neighbor's door and have her take a look at it, and of course, she told me to call the fire department.  (sweet!)


The Atlantic City Fire Department did a great job coming to my house in an efficient time.  The fire chief even pulled me aside several times and told me that I did the right thing by dialing 911. (I seriously thought I was in the middle of a DARE commercial each time)


My oven was eventually replaced, and all was well in my world again.


Until Tuesday evening, when my sweet mother from Virginia and I saw a middle aged naked guy get arrested on the AC Boardwalk.


And that's how we 'Did AC'....

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