I went on a cruise last week and visited a number of Caribbean islands.  One of the islands I visited was St. Lucia, which is where my story begins.


In St. Lucia, I had the opportunity to take a sulfur mud bath between two volcanoes.  The water was about 100 degrees.  The idea was to cleanse yourself by dipping yourself in the water, then getting out and applying mud all over your body, and then submersing yourself back in the water.  At first, I acted like a wuss.  My feet were really sunburned and swollen, and looked the size of baseballs.  After a few attempts of dipping my fat-burned feet in the 100 degree spiritual water, I finally participated.  I got in, I applied the mud, I felt free, I felt cleansed, and I looked up to the sky and smiled while Enya played in my brain.



And during my existential epiphany, I heard a woman's voice from the Heavens.  It said, 'TOM, GET OUT OF THE WATER.'  What was that?  It sounded like 'Tom, live your dreams'  Then I hear the voice again:  TOM THE BUS IS LEAVING!!! GET OUT OF THE WATER!!!




Yes, that was my girlfriend's sweet but stern voice calling from the hills.  She was running up those same hills while flapping her arms up in the air to make sure the tour guide didn't leave us.  I ran out of the muddy waters with dirt still all over me.  I grabbed my stuff ( which was spread out all over the place)  I literally jumped into what seemed like a moving van, and made it just in time.  Now imagine me, with no shirt on, dirt all over me, and a towel around my waist.  Now imagine all of the other passengers, fully clothed, clean, and looking at me with disgust.


SoJO Morning Show Host Tom Morgan in St. Lucia

Have you ever had something happen to you on vacation that made things a little interesting?


FILL IN THE BLANK:  My vacation was great until_______.


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