We all have that friend who just loves to drink those boring light beers (if you don't have that friend... you are that friend). And, of course, every time he or she invites you over to watch a game or have a barbecue, you find yourself having to stop at the store to pick up beer that you're actually going to drink (again, if you haven't done this, you are that friend).

The 'beer-bag' from Hop Theory claims that it will transform your beer
The 'beer-bag' from Hop Theory claims it will transform your beer. Photo: hoptheory.com

So, if you're the type who'd rather drink water all night than Miller Lite, a Maryland-based company says it has something you'll want to start bringing to that friend's house (or, if you are that friend, stock up on it).

The company, Hop Theory, says it's invented a tea bag that will transform any old beer into a tasty craft brew. It's done using the same process that brewers use to turn hot water into beer.

The 'beer-bag' contains a blend of hops, fruit, and spices. However, critics, and there are a number of them out there, say the idea is misleading.

'Beer-bag' claims it will transform your bland beer
Hop theory claims its 'beer-bag' claims it will transform your bland beer. Photo: hoptheory.com

Most brewers will tell you that crafting a beer takes longer than brewing brand-name beers in mass, the way Budweiser, Coors, etc. do, so the idea that you could turn a Bud Light into a craft beer in a few minutes seems unlikely. Additionally, much of the brewing process is designed to make the beer safe for consumption. A 'beer-bag' appears to eliminate some of the safety mechanisms built into traditional brewing.

So, whether or not Hop Theory's 'beer-bag' will soon start appearing in stores remains to be seen, but if it does, will you give it a try?

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